Thursday, August 29, 2013


Hey! I'm back! :)
It's been a while but i'm back now! Been a bummer because of the storm but hey! Nothing's gonna stop us now, right?
Although, I do really need a photographer friend (because someone is too lazy to take my pictures *sulky face*) with me all the time (well everytime I go out)
So lo and behold, I wanted to wear this skirt for a long time, but I don't have the guts for it because, well because I am fat ( I know.. I know...) and I have a short legs *sobs*. But I let it go anyway so here you gooo. =)

PS: I only have full body shots because, well, Christian (my boyfriend) is as lazy as Homer Simpson. *winks*

Gold watch - Urban Time (Seiko) | Peplum Skirt - Chicadora |
Black Sheer Top - Hug (Trinoma Landmark) | Black Flats - H&M

'till next post!



  1. I love your outfit bagay sayo peplum! <3 Hope to see you soon and so we can have din ootd's together :>

    1. :"> Thank you! BTW, congrats nurse! :) Dami ko nang nurse! yaaay! :) I hope to see you and charm soon as well! :) Take Care! :>

  2. Loving the coral and cheetah!

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