Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My First Kiss?

First of all, this is not an outfit post. I wanted to write some stuffs here as well, you know to practice writing and all. Hahaha, mind my bad english if every there's a grammar nazi out there who is reading this now.

This morning, I stumbled upon fatmumslim's blog to get the September challenge for her photo a day on instagram. I saw it right away, but then I had the urge to look at this particular blogpost she did, and it was about 50 things to blog about. After reading it, I wanted to do maybe some of it and I wanted to start rightaway. So here I go with number 13: Your First Love/Kiss, and don't skip the awkward details.

My first love is different one to my first kiss. The kiss went on the later part of the story. So I was in 6th grade, when I had my first boyfriend. In the Philippines, 6th grade is the last grade (in my times) before you enter highschool (or junior high for that matter). His name is Oliver, and back then, we were just little cute chubby kids who were crazy enough to have a relationship. At first I thought it was a puppy love, but as I realized,  it was the foundation of me for having a relationship towards opposite sex. It was a good foundation, because was we had was good, for that age. We were just best friends, without any intimacy (since we didn't know what intimacy is all about at that time) and we were just having the time of our lives.  To tell you the truth, I am not quite sure if his kiss was the first kiss. At a young age, people around me would kiss me on cheeks, even peck on lips and I don't mind it at all. If I remember it correctly, he did kissed my lips... once. I feel like it was just nothing, like a wind, swooosh. So i'm not sure if I could named it my first kiss.

On the other hand, after several relationships (including the first one), I finally had my first "real" kiss. I will spare his name just because I wanted t let a little imagination (especially to my friends) and may they wonder who it is. I was in highschool and I might say, it was... intense. It was the first time I do that so, i'd say it was sweet and somehow erotic. Details.... we do it one day after class. We make sure that there were no people on our floor, and we go to this corner classroom and we do it. Don't mistake it as sex okay? So, as the usual me, a little teacher's pet, I like to sit in the teacher's table. So as I was seating on the table, he then locked the door, and stride towards me. And then suddenly, he wanted to kiss me. At that moment, I was in a nerve-racking nirvana feeling, but then I let it go and I let him kiss me. Mind you, that kiss was not the typical smack kiss, it was full on with tongue kiss. So imagine, getting that for the first time... heaven right? ;)
So yeah, it was my first kiss, but lately, I really don't appreciated it a lot mainly because that guy was a jerk and the relationship became dull and bad. meh.

Now let us take back to the present, where I get to be kissed everyday by my loving boyfriend of 4 years and counting. It was/is the best kisses I've ever had, and I wanted to do this everyday for the rest of my life, but of course with him and only him! ♥

So yeah, here's to my first of the fifty things to blog about! ♥



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