Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Hello October! For those of you who didn't know, its my birth month! But for some reasons, I don't feel like celebrating it nor being happy about it. In fact, when people asked me what will I do on my birthday, I always say that I will rest, and hibernate for the day just because I don't feel like celebrating + I don't wanna waste money on the food that i'm going to regret after. Who knows? Maybe I am just waiting for a surprise party? *coughs*

Back to the outfit post. I wanted to leave my "teen" years gracefully and fresh, so I opted to cut my hair last September which is a good move since I feel that my long butt-level hair is not healthy anymore. Also, I am forcing myself for a color therapy. I've been sporting a "pink" outfit for the past weeks because I always feel young (not Megan Young young though) when I wear any shade of pink.

Jacket - Nike | Floral Dress - F21
Gold Watch - Michael Kors | Pink Shoes - Barbie by Shubizz

Next on the list, my first ever giveaway! 

Open to all Philippine Residents, i'm giving away this pink aztec Peplum skirt plus a personalized charm bracelet that I will personally create for one(1) lucky winner! This will be my first giveaway ever, and if would turn out to be a success, I shall host another one that would be open internationally and with a lot of prizes! Are you ready? 'Cause I am!
Entries will end at exactly 12am of October 20. Will pick the chosen winner when the morning comes (on Oct. 20) Haha!
How to join? Easy. Just follow the mechanics below to enter!

Congratulations Czar on winning the giveaway! Haha! I do hope I can give a book instead of a skirt, knowing your personality though. Anyway, will contact you in a few! And to the others, thank you for joining! :) I see some new girls here and i'm very glad to see you! :)


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

FAQs about Charmed Haute

Hello readers! How are you? September has been kind to me, and i'm glad of it. Also, I must apologize if I didn't post outfit shots because there are times when I thought my pictures weren't "blog-worthy" enough, because of the technicalities, resolutions and such. Who knows? Maybe my weird mind would want to post those pictures some other time. lol.

Anyway, I've come to an agreement that every month, I would have a blog post from fatmumslim's 50 things to blog about. I had my first entry from it, which is the "First Kiss" post here, and i'm really excited to do more. So it is mandatory for me to write something from it and here I am writing my 2nd post, which is the "Frequently Asked Questions" (more commonly known as FAQs) about myself.

There are a lot of questions that were asked to me from my IFB family, my friends, and even strangers that are "somehow" interested in my life, and my blog. So here are the top 10 questions that I get a lot from you guys:

1. What is your full and real name and why are you not using your full name?
- I use my real name, which is "Karla Galima", but my full name is, "Ma. Karla Beatriz O. Galima". As you can see, I have a really really long name, (and I suffer from it during my middle school days), so I didn't want to use it, rather I would use one of my nickname so that it will be easier to remember.

2. Are you single? If not, who is the lucky guy? How did you meet?(I get this question a lot)
- Hahaha. I'm not single, (I'm sorry.☺) I am in a relationship for more than 4 years now and i'm very blessed to have him in my life. His name is Christian Quadra, we met (well, technically) during senior year of high school BUT i am acquainted with him when we were first year high school. I first saw him, getting bullied by so called "friend" of mine but we really came to know each other during senior year.

3. So how did you two started going out? Please don't spare the details. *with matching blinky-blinking eyes, you know who you are! haha*
(Grabe ha! HAHA) (But I had to, madami nagtatanong sa akin neto) (expect a loooong paragraph)
It is quite funny actually. It was in our senior year. Officially, it all started with me,  both single at that time, commenting in his picture holding a "red horse" (the big one, I think it was called mucho), saying that he should give me one of that and he replied yes to me ofcourse. We had a quite crazy relationship ended almost at the same time, mine was in November while his was in December. But I think it really started with that comment. After New Year (of 2009), our good friend, Peter, became our saint when he introduced me to him, vice versa. We became good friends for a month, I get to know more a lot about him than I did when we were in first year HS. Uhm, February came and I was surprised by the revelation I got together with a bouquet. Ofcourse, there was a letter telling me that he love me, and he's not afraid to show it to the world. He even told me that, and I quote,"... kapag naiisip kita nagaganahan ako..." (I became inspired when I think of you) which really set my heart on the fire. So, he courted me for four weeks, and then finally, on March 6, 35 days before our High School Graduation, I finally said yes to the relationship.... and they lived happily ever after! ♥
Hashtag, ang haba noh?

4. Is this your first blog?
- No actually, my first blog was the Sweet Serenity, which I had for four years but I'm not really keen into writing stuffs at that time because I focus myself with college and such. I also have a fashion blog with one of my college bestfriend, Ara. It is called Koreanese Dolls. We ended the blog when we graduated from college and we went in separate ways/blogs, which is this blog and her blog.

5. What was your first inspiration to do a blog?
- My first encounter with a fashion blog was when I saw Andy Torres' StyleScrapbook. She was my first inspiration and I'm an avid fan ever since.

6. So what do you do in life?
- I'm a fresh grad from Miriam College, with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Communication. I'm unemployed at the moment but I do part time job just for the sake of doing something. I only have until November of this year to decide if I should study for my Masters Degree or if I should have a job. I'm not rushing things yet, i'm still enjoying the bum life, and still enjoying the moment with him before he (my boyfriend) enters Law School.

7. Aside from blogging, what do you like to do most?
- I can sing, not that good but not that bad either. I have a soundcloud account that you can check on the sidebar. I have a background on ballroom and jazz dance. I also have a background on musical theater, kind of a Broadway type, and I really like to eat! Explaining the body I have now. ;)

8. What was the first impressions on you?
- It's not always the same, some thought that i'm a bit snobbish but I guess i'm under the weather at that time. The other first impression of me that I liked was that I'm very approachable and friendly, and fun to be with. I dunno, depends on the mood that i'm in. ;)

9. Do you think you would run this blog for a long time?
- I hope so, as a matter of fact, I am in a midst of looking for sponsors for my first giveaway. As of this moment, I have things that I bought from online stores before that are not my size, therefore I didn't get the chance to wear it so I asked them if I could just put those clothes as a giveaway for my readers, for starters. And I 'm also waiting for the collaboration from other online stores which would fit to my fellow "plus size" readers as well. Hopefully, by December I would have my first giveaway ever! :)

10. You're a plus size, a very unlikely combo for a fashion blogging, what can you say about that? Who do you look up to?
- I started this blog to help my fellow "plus size" women to help them understand that no matter what size you are, you just have to be confident, and feel good about yourself. I want them learn how to accept the body that we are in. I've had a fair share of being skinny back in the times, and I felt awful. Now, being healthy and such, I feel empowered and confident. I want them to realize this, that we are capable of dressing up, feel very sexy and confident with our body. I'm really fond of my fellow Pinay Bloggers, who are also a 'Plus Size". The Plum Pinay is my confidant, and my inspiration. The twins are wonderful and inspiring to us many plus sizes women. Do check them out!

11. What are the three things that inspires you the most?
- Aside from the Plum Pinay, I did became inspired by Miranda Kerr's book called "Treasure Yourself" even though there are a lot of negative reviews from it. It really depends on the people, on how they would reflect the book, but I did go to the bright side of this self-improvement book and I hope you'd do the same thing. Another thing was, my Verbum Dei family. I started few months ago, and it really helped me to have a strong relationship with God, which helped me love myself a little bit more. Lastly, my man inspires me the most, because of his love, understanding, loyalty and support that gives me courage in everyday living.

And that's it! I know it is quite long, i'm sorry for that but I just had to. (You know I just had to). Anyway, Hello October! It' my birth month! I'm excited (not). Haha! Hoping for a wonderful days to come!

Keep safe!