Monday, December 16, 2013


DECEMBER! 'Tis the season to be jolly... for some. But for me, 'tis the season to be sick. lol
After a month of taking good care of my voice for the November auditions, I kinda loosen up too much that I suffered crazy sore throat, tonsillitis infection and a massive fever for almost a week. Glad that I'm okay now, perfect timing for some Christmas errands!

This weekend was jam-packed with two Christmas Parties and a birthday celebration of a friend. There goes eating lots and lots of foods and getting drunk/tipsy. I'm not on a diet, not anymore. I figured out that i'm not gonna go crazy on dieting because I love my curves and I've had my fair share of being skinny back then (and I didn't like it) although I promise myself to lose some of my tummy and arm fats, yun lang okay na ako.

For me, this weekend is a crazy errand. Friday night was bible study night + our group's xmas party that ended almost midnight. Saturday night was the birthday celebration of my BF's friend in Cable Car. Dun ako na ishtress. Super daming tao and the people seems to want to pick up a fight by "accidentally" bumping me hard that would cost me to fall down. Good thing I keep my head up high and did not go down on her/his level. Plus it's so hot and the room itself is small, not recommended for maarte/picky people like me. Although I liked their bar area, it gives a "pub" feeling, like I was in Europe all over again. The hassle thing about it was to go wake up very early the next day for the Verbum Dei Xmas party (Sunday). Good thing were able to make it on time, and had a blast... eating our hangover out.

Anyway, I still haven't had the time to buy gifts so i'm not sure of what is ahead of me when I enter the mall or any shopping center. I also need to rest because it might be the only day to do so since we'll be having another all-nighter this coming weekend, a bible study at night + a wedding to attend to the next day outside the metro (I'm excited for this too!)

Hence, I shall now rest my ass off. Tomorrow is another day.

Top - Cococobana | Flats - Solemate | Peplum Skirt - Chicadora |
Cardigan - Zara | Watch - Seiko | Charm Bracelet - gift from Mina | Nail Polish - O.P.I. The Thrill of Brazil




  1. i love itttt omg the color scheme the top especially but also i am crazy for the silhouette it creates wowowow this is one of your best yet gg

    1. D'aawww!! I love you so so so much gg starrrr! ♥