Friday, December 6, 2013

House of Hades (Book Review)

Hello readers! Hello December! It's the most wonderful time of the year and I hope everyone is glee-ful this month! (Or else Santa would be upset!)
Anyway, this post is the mandatory post from fatmumslim's 50 things to blog about. I'm gonna write (try) a book review to the latest book that I read. If it's okay with you, please bear with me because i'm really really sick at this moment so i'll make it short but sweet.

House of Hades by Rick Riordan
It is the fourth installation of the series "the Heroes of Olympus". I've been addicted to this series and to the other series that are also incorporated like the Kane Chronicles and the first one, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. It started having Percy and Annabeth in Tartarus, which is the conclusion from the Mark of Athena (Book 3). Spoiler Alert: They did get out with a help from a titan. Which leads us to the next book, NEXT YEAR!

I must say, I enjoyed the whirlwind of this book. The coupling of Leo, Hazel and Frank is a mess but i'm impressed that Rick cleared it out in this book. When it comes to Jason and Piper, I didn't find appealing, although I believe that in the next book, they will be facing more heavy problems. Perhaps, Reyna? Ooooh! I sense a cat fight soon! Haha kidding aside, I can sense that there was a dark past between Jason and Reyna that might make a mark on his relationship with Piper. And of course, Coach Hedge. He's very witty but I feel like he's some sort of a glue that held them all together, especially when P&A are in Tartarus. 

The entire book is like on steroids. There is so much going on with just one book. The relationship drama, the revelations, the fighting, the massive destruction of the land, the crazy things happening under. It's like an explosive device that are waiting for us to finish and regenerate for the next book. This explosive book is really a hook but it is too much for my heart. Haha! Anyway, I cannot wait for "The Blood of Olympus" which is the 5th book, to be released!

I got the book on my birthday, from my ever loving boyfriend. :"") He knows it. *wink*


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