Sunday, December 29, 2013


You see, i'm not the typical type of person to have a resolution every new year.
But I feel that for some reasons, I need to reboot myself and have a resolution for this coming 2014.
I really don't know if I can keep up but i'm hoping that I would somehow fulfill even just one or two with this first (serious) resolution.

1. Family comes first.
Ever since my Dad died earlier this year (2013), I have been aloof with my family, especially with my mom. I guess this is my way of coping up, to be alone. I didn't think twice leaving her like that because I knew my Tita  and my Nieces/Nephew will be there to accompany her especially when she gets lonely. But as the spirit of holiday starts, it was reminded to me that my family must always comes first. Not the lovelife, not the career, not the material things... FAMILY comes first. So this coming new year, I swear upon my life to put them first in my list. Although i'm pretty sure there would be couple of moments when we would argue and fight, but that's normal. Even if we do fight, deep inside I would still love them no matter what. And if some certain people would not be happy with  my family, then I guess that some certain people must be out of my life as well. Family is everything to me and if someone doesn't appreciate their value in my life then I guess it will be a reason to say goodbye.

2. Say goodbye to N-E-G-A-T-I-V-I-T-Y
Prior to our weekly bible study, I was a pessimist. I always look into things negatively. But since I started the School of Word, I became an optimist. I'm willing to broaden it this new year, and I'm excited to see what would happen if I did it.

3. Lose "some" weight (I'm dead serious)
Yes. This time, i'm pretty serious. Although, hindi naman ako sobrang sobrang katabaan, in this society, i'm still fat. You all know that this blog originated for "plus sizes" like me, to encourage to love the curves.. but sometimes when people really mocked you even if its just a joke, you would still be hurt. Me? I've had enough of the hurt already. There were certain people who unknowingly hurt me because they were subliminally telling me that i'm fat. It hurts because they are special to me and I don't want them to dislike me because I am fat. The thing is, I did gain weight, but in a span of a month, I did, also lost that weight. Okay honestly, the fattest of me was 185lbs., and just yesterday, I'm now 173.2lbs (including the noche buena). I've been struggling with it but the result is wonderful. My only problem is to love myself a little bit more.

4. Love myself... a little bit more.
I admit it, I have a problem with love, especially with loving myself. It all stared when puberty hits me. 10 years ago, I didn't care how I look because most of the time there were others to fix me since I was in a competing realm of ballroom. Casually, I was a mess. I don't do fashion to myself because I'm not confident with myself, even though virtually I would love putting up outfits in every possible way. I tend to be "emo", slitting cuts all over me etc etc. Also, there was a time when I give love to others more than I give love to myself. Now, even buying things for myself wouldn't make me genuinely happy. I really don't know how to start this, but I promise myself that I would try and make it happen.

5. Have a bucket-list
It has been explained to me that having a bucket-list is a thing now! Therefore, I will try and finish writing my first ten bucketlist before the year ends and I hope that I would expand this list for me to enjoy and have fun.

and lastly...

6. Be a ray of sunshine
I wanted to everyone around me to be happy, that is what I lived for. I wanted them to feel that I will always be there whenever they needed to smile and be happy. I wanted people to be happy, but I don't want them to make fun of me! I wanted to inspire people because seeing their happy faces helps me to be happy as well and it washes away all the negativity I have.

I had a pretty rough year this year but I still thank the Lord with all of the blessing He gave to me. I'm looking forward this 2014 with a smile on my face and a big trust of my faith!

There you have it! If you, my readers, have a sincere new year's resolution, I would love to hear it from you!
I hope you've had the best Christmas and I hope you'll have a blast (not finger blasting type) this New Year's Eve!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Monday, December 16, 2013


DECEMBER! 'Tis the season to be jolly... for some. But for me, 'tis the season to be sick. lol
After a month of taking good care of my voice for the November auditions, I kinda loosen up too much that I suffered crazy sore throat, tonsillitis infection and a massive fever for almost a week. Glad that I'm okay now, perfect timing for some Christmas errands!

This weekend was jam-packed with two Christmas Parties and a birthday celebration of a friend. There goes eating lots and lots of foods and getting drunk/tipsy. I'm not on a diet, not anymore. I figured out that i'm not gonna go crazy on dieting because I love my curves and I've had my fair share of being skinny back then (and I didn't like it) although I promise myself to lose some of my tummy and arm fats, yun lang okay na ako.

For me, this weekend is a crazy errand. Friday night was bible study night + our group's xmas party that ended almost midnight. Saturday night was the birthday celebration of my BF's friend in Cable Car. Dun ako na ishtress. Super daming tao and the people seems to want to pick up a fight by "accidentally" bumping me hard that would cost me to fall down. Good thing I keep my head up high and did not go down on her/his level. Plus it's so hot and the room itself is small, not recommended for maarte/picky people like me. Although I liked their bar area, it gives a "pub" feeling, like I was in Europe all over again. The hassle thing about it was to go wake up very early the next day for the Verbum Dei Xmas party (Sunday). Good thing were able to make it on time, and had a blast... eating our hangover out.

Anyway, I still haven't had the time to buy gifts so i'm not sure of what is ahead of me when I enter the mall or any shopping center. I also need to rest because it might be the only day to do so since we'll be having another all-nighter this coming weekend, a bible study at night + a wedding to attend to the next day outside the metro (I'm excited for this too!)

Hence, I shall now rest my ass off. Tomorrow is another day.

Top - Cococobana | Flats - Solemate | Peplum Skirt - Chicadora |
Cardigan - Zara | Watch - Seiko | Charm Bracelet - gift from Mina | Nail Polish - O.P.I. The Thrill of Brazil



Friday, December 6, 2013

House of Hades (Book Review)

Hello readers! Hello December! It's the most wonderful time of the year and I hope everyone is glee-ful this month! (Or else Santa would be upset!)
Anyway, this post is the mandatory post from fatmumslim's 50 things to blog about. I'm gonna write (try) a book review to the latest book that I read. If it's okay with you, please bear with me because i'm really really sick at this moment so i'll make it short but sweet.

House of Hades by Rick Riordan
It is the fourth installation of the series "the Heroes of Olympus". I've been addicted to this series and to the other series that are also incorporated like the Kane Chronicles and the first one, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. It started having Percy and Annabeth in Tartarus, which is the conclusion from the Mark of Athena (Book 3). Spoiler Alert: They did get out with a help from a titan. Which leads us to the next book, NEXT YEAR!

I must say, I enjoyed the whirlwind of this book. The coupling of Leo, Hazel and Frank is a mess but i'm impressed that Rick cleared it out in this book. When it comes to Jason and Piper, I didn't find appealing, although I believe that in the next book, they will be facing more heavy problems. Perhaps, Reyna? Ooooh! I sense a cat fight soon! Haha kidding aside, I can sense that there was a dark past between Jason and Reyna that might make a mark on his relationship with Piper. And of course, Coach Hedge. He's very witty but I feel like he's some sort of a glue that held them all together, especially when P&A are in Tartarus. 

The entire book is like on steroids. There is so much going on with just one book. The relationship drama, the revelations, the fighting, the massive destruction of the land, the crazy things happening under. It's like an explosive device that are waiting for us to finish and regenerate for the next book. This explosive book is really a hook but it is too much for my heart. Haha! Anyway, I cannot wait for "The Blood of Olympus" which is the 5th book, to be released!

I got the book on my birthday, from my ever loving boyfriend. :"") He knows it. *wink*