Thursday, November 27, 2014

Unboxing November Box: an exclusive from Benefit!

For something that was delivered on time, I find myself slacking to post this blog. But now, after almost 2 weeks, I bring to you, my BDJ November Box! This month, they gave us an exclusive box from Benefit!

To be honest, I knew this line way before, I used pore-fessional last year but most of the products are new to me, and I think this is the perfect time to have a trial an error on the products since the package contains sample sizes which is perfect for a trial and error. Also these minis are perfect for your to-go kits! Less hassle on your make-up kit! 

Bathina Scented Body Mist
When I opened the box, the first thing I have to pick was the curation card. The card says that I should be having a Hydrating Oil Mist, but I received the Body Mist instead
[Update: Our lovely BDJ Team emailed a letter of apology regarding this case. It's done, it's a win anyway!]

Big Easy Complexion Perfector (2 sample size)
Perfect timing for this perfector because I have been on search for a perfect perfector! I just wish that this would do justice on my face because I would gladly spend $$$ for this thing. 

High Beam Complexion Enhancer
This highlighter gives me the perfect shine on my face, it has a luminous glow which give the perfect highlight on my face. Downside for me was at first, it was a bit watery but then when it settles on your skin, it blends and it dries quickly.

POREfessional pro Balm
Yes, I've been using this pore minimizer for a year and I stopped because I find it pricey for a college student (at that time, I was a college student who struggles on a 300Php/day). Now this product is back in my life and I wanted to see if this still works for me.

They're Real! Push-Up Liner
I have to be honest with you, I have no reasons whatsoever to use this liner right now because I am loving the FS Gel Liner from September BDJ Box! It's going to be a hectic December so let's see if I can squeeze a day-off to my gel liner and use this instead, I will let you know on my IG!

They're Real Mascara
Finally! My Maybelline Mascara is sooo graduating and I finally have the means to say goodbye to it! I think the liner plus this mascara would be a good combination for a dramatic eyes.

Posiebalm Hydrating Lip Balm
It's true when they say it is hydrating because I saw a perspiration kind of thing happening on the balm right after I tried this product. Will definitely use this in times of when I wanted to achieve that "No Make-Up" Make-Up look.

It's Potent! Eye Cream
Instant Comeback Facial Serum
I'm a sucker for eye cream! At nights when I can't force myself to sleep, I find myself fidgeting on my face then sooner or later, I have eye cream or face cream on me! This one is a perfect timing for me too since I can see my dark eyebags are saying hello to me since I've been awake for most of the nights due to my online classes. Phew! What a life saver! On the other hand, I am not quite sure of the Facial Serum though. Me and serums aren't quite compatible yet at the moment but i'm working on it.

Hello Gorgeous! Voucher
Yaay for free makeupper and brow consultation! BROW CONSULTATION! Brow is my life, ICYMI.

In a nutshell, I appreciate that this is an exclusive box, perfect timing for me and my needs, and I love the fact that it's in small size. It's light, easy to use, and cute! It brings out the girly girl in me, honestly!

Box Rating:
8 hearts out of 10

Next week, i'll have an announcement to make. This is important so you better stay tuned for updates okay?
Until the next post!
K ♥

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Birthday Package: Unboxing October BDJ Box

October is a special month for me, not only because it's my birthday but also... IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!
What?! It's worth repeating. ☺
Anyway, I know i'm posting this late and I can tell you the reason why...
+ the box was delivered (dramatically) last week only.
I was actually a bit worried because the way going to my place (Litex area) is cramped with bumper to bumper traffic with mostly trash trucks and delivery trucks.
So, kudos to Kuya Delivery for doing the heroic thing and for doing his job even if it means delivering this heavy package at night!

This month, I was a bit shocked to see two boxes. Two. Heavy. Boxes. At first I actually thought, "Hala ano to, baka may libre akong box kasi birthday ko! haha!" but then soon after I opened it, I got the real answer why:
either way it's a win win situation! :)

The first box contained these two products from Dial. To be honest with you, this is my first time I've heard/seen that the line also have body wash, I really thought that they only have a soap. 

The other products of the other box:
Promo from Strip (Ministry of waxing) which i'm doubting to use because I haven't been there yet. (In the group picture above)

I like the packaging of this dove product. Let me tell you something, last month's dove product which is the hair vitamin is a total fail. It's quite a bit messy to use because "oil" everywhere! I was excited to see a different dove product because I've been thinking about using dove as my major brand of "everything". I cannot wait to use this and i'll let you know soonest as possible.

This L'oreal serum and cream is the smallest among the pack. I mean, I understand that this is just the sample size and the original is quite expensive but nevertheless, this will have a good place in my suesh make up box for future use!

Next product, the ever trusted "emergency oh no i forgot my eye shadow pallete" revlon eyeshadow.

For those of you who are not fond of using smoky/blending sort of kind of eyes, this is your product to use, it has instructions on the bottom as to where you should put eye shadow correctly.

Next is YR (Yves Rocher) creams that I cannot finish for sure because even though it is just a sample size, it's too many and too risky to use right away. I don't know if it is just the booze talking but i'll be having a hard time dealing with this. Haha! Plus it's gel cream... i'm not very fond of gel cream. 

Last but not the least, the Spa Salt in flavor of mango! TBH, I don't know how to use this so if anyone out there knows how to use this, please let me know! 

Overall, i'm impressed with the full sized products and I like it that you focused on body care. BUT I would like it even more if you focus on make up, perhaps? :)
There's only one downer to this gift though... 
There's no curation card in my box. :(

But that's okay, i'm still happy that I got the box and I cannot wait for the November box which is sadly my last box this year. I'm not entirely sure if I would continue subscribing for next year, until then i'll let you know! :)

Box Rating:
7 hearts out of 10

K ♥

Friday, October 3, 2014

Unboxing: September BDJ Box! "Beauty Innovations"

Hola! How are you all?
I know it is a bit late for me to post the September box in October but as they always say,
"It is better to be late than never!" ☺
I ended my first 3 month subscription I think 2 years or a year ago and now i'm back with the 3 month box!
At first, I was a bit disappointed because usually, BDJ normally delivers on the 15th of the month, I ended up having this delivered a week after that. Nevertheless, I'm a happy girl now and I cannot wait to see what's inside the box!

It's almost as big as the size of a shoe box! Look at my mouse for comparison.

Beauty Innovations. I think that they wanted to do what do give free samples of products that we can easily buy. Products that are new, or others that are improved, conveniently found in any beauty shops.

What's inside?

FS Gel Liner (5ml) [Php 299]
Am I the only one who is happy that I got brown instead of the usual black? :) I'm lucky to have brown because I usually have my make up on a brownish base because I look good with brown than black. It is my first time to have a gel liner too! This I cannot wait to use, for everyday look!

Creamsilk Daily Treatment Conditioner (180ml) [Php 134]
Yaaay for two months worth of conditioner! For this month, i've been using L'oreal and I think it's time to have a vlog comparison between the two. Whatcha think? :)

Beach Hut Clear Spray (180ml) [Php 390]
 I think it is a little off season to have a sunblock but then I realize... SEMBREAK! :)
Ofcourse, even if it is rainy season, there are days when the heat is unbearable and you just have to put sunblock to protect your skin from the sun, so let's see if this one is not "sticky" like the others I have. (Trust me, I have tons of sunblock I barely use because it is sticky and I don't like my sunblock to be sticky! 

Godiva Cleansing Kit - Facial Wash (Php 85) and Toner (Ph60)
I'm a doubting about this one because I haven't tried any Godiva products in my entire life. Well, it's a good thing that this comes in a sample size. I would definitely try this maybe on weekends just to see if it is good. I don't want to ruin my weekday facial ritual. ;)

Pond's Dewy Rose Gel - Php150
I loooooove the smell and the smoothing sensation of the dewy rose gel and I'm so happy that it is included in the box. Not just one but two! I gave one to my momma because she'd been a fan of ponds pretty much since the old days! Haha She's happy with the product too!

Jergens Moisture Pack - Ultra Healing Lotion (Php88) and Moisturizer (Php153)
Okay, during my puberty stages, I always use Jergens but when I discovered Victoria Secret Products, I changed sides right away. Now, they made a comeback in my life and I'm hoping that it will be better than before. Again, I gave the ultra healing lotion to my mom because I think she will love it and the moisturizer will be mine. I'm a sucker for moisturizer, heck I love it!

FS Single Eye Shadow (Php 150)
Is BDJ trying to challenge me with new eyeshadow look? Haha! I've never use yellow as a base but it wouldn't hurt if I try right? :)

Dove Intense Repair Daily Hair Vitamin Capsules (Php 75)
To be honest with you, this is the first time I've seen such thing. REALLY! I don't know how to use it, I don't know how it works but I wanted to know if it really works especially with my hair (half oily from root to the middle then dry from middle to tips)

I was dumbfounded at first because I was expecting some good names, you know, those first class products with sample sizes but i'm still happy with the products because after all, beauty innovation. ;)
Although I would want to have something for lips and blusher, that would be good. I'm still looking for a box with a product theme. Example the meme box full of korean cosmetics, or a box full of goody products. If you know a thing or two, let me know! :)

Box Rating:
7 hearts out of 10

Until the next unboxing!


K ♥

Friday, August 22, 2014


Hello people of earth! I decided to write my first food review because hey, why not?! I LOOOVE eating out especially if it is worth it... and free *smiles*. And I bet you've somehow checked out food reviews to know which one is the best out of the rest, right?
Here is my outtake giving you what I think is the best and yummiest food around town. I have to warn you that most of the time I patronize one or two dishes in every restaurant. Promise I will try hard to step out of my comfort food zone and will deliver you promising reviews in the near future.


I have to be honest (ofcourse right?), I haven't been to their other branches but I adore their cozy place in Maginhawa st, Teachers Village. It is relatively small but I like the ambiance and tbh, I think that the people there remember our faces! We always go there to have katsu fix, mostly afternoon because it is when they have fewer customers. They are a hit especially at night and lunch! My beau and I always wanted to come back here, even though we both know that the area have a lot of food to offer... It's Maginhawa st. after all. But in end, we found ourselves coming back to this cute little space of Japanese Fix!

1st place: TONKATSU ( P150 )

WE WORSHIP KATSU, ESPECIALLY IF IT IS TONKATSU! I am not expert at food but i'm pretty sure that this food gives justice to a hungry stomach! I think it'll cover brunch or lunch/dinner together! The only downfall is that the sauce is not enough (again, for my own opinion..), but I heard that you can request additional sauce for it though. I'm not sure if its free but I do hope that it is. Thinking of it again now makes me want to go there and eat! That's the effect that tonkatsu gives me! It's crazily delicious and it keeps me wanting more!

2nd place: CHICKEN KATSU ( P150 )

Yes, we love chicken too! It's a good thing that I am not allergic to it anymore (whew!). I was told that it was their best seller. It's a bit spicy for my taste but you're opted to tell them not to put too much chili on it. It is spicy yet it is sweet, which is crazy because I cannot explain that appetizing taste.
Downside:  The veggies got soaked so much from the sauce up to the point when chicken doesn't have enough savory taste because veggies got it all. + if you accidentally forgot to specify how much chili you want in your food, you're doomed! lol

Hot Tea, Smart C, and House Water!
If we feel like were turning Japanese, we'll order Hot Tea (P40), you can share it for 2-3 persons! Very reasonable since it compliments their food afterall! If we feel like we wanted juice, Smart C (P30) is the best company after eating glorious food, not kidding. Lastly, who doesn't want free water?! Heck, we can haggle one pitcher and they won't mind it at all!

Miso Soup - P30
Katsudon - Egg on top of Tonkatsu on top of - P155
Extra Rice - Who doesn't love extra rice!?! - P15

I'm pretty sure that the other dishes were as good as these two, but until such time, I shall let you know. For now, what you can do is to visit Crazy Katsu and see it for yourself!

Crazy Katzu Branches:

Maginhawa St. - #81 Maginhawa St. UP Teacher's Village, Diliman, QC
Tel. 435-0030
Open: Mon - Thurs 11am-10pm --- Fri - Sat 11am-11pm --- Sun 11am-10pm

Taft - Ground Floor, One Archers Place, Castro St. cor. Taft Avenue
Open: Mon-Sat 11am -9:30pm

BF Parañaque - 231 Aguirre St., BF Homes, Parañaque City
Open: Mon - Thurs 11am-10pm --- Fri - Sat 11am-11pm --- Sun 11am-10pm

Marikina - #48 Lilac St. Hacienda Heights, Concepcion II, Marikina City
Open: Mon - Thurs 11am-10pm --- Fri - Sat 11am-11pm --- Sun 11am-10pm

*drum roll*
8 out of 10 heart!

Tell us your experience with the other branches! We really appreciate such things!
That's it! 'till my next review! Until then, I shall sip some coffee now. ☺


K ♥

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Seems like it was yesterday when i'm having March blues, contemplating on how to spend my summer right... Ang bilis ng oras... but i'm grateful that I had one heck of a summer.
Hello! I missed you! I missed blogging, and stuffs. How are you doing? I hope your summer was a blast just like mine!
Well let me take this opportunity to recap on one of the best summer of my life (yet).

To be honest, the start of my summer is not as good as you think. I was declined for a job that I have been eyeing for months and because of that I spent my time (and money) eating at Mcdonalds just to relieve the stress and the pain that they've given me, just in the nick of time when they had Super Mario for their Happy Meal! Too bad I wasn't able to complete the set even though I really, really, REALLY want to! Sadly, I only got three of them. :(

I spent my Holy Week literally alone because my mom and the rest of the family went to the province to spend some time with my Aunt and other relatives, and of course to go to hot springs, pools and all. So in short, they went on a vacation mode while I stayed at home with my dog, Oreo. I missed them so much that on Easter, I'd 'forced" them to wear my bunny ears as it is because Easter Egg Hunt Sunday.

But luckily for me, my time has come to go on a vacay mode!
First, we had to celebrate my man's birthday with some good friends at Eastwood, specifically Buffet 101.
I'm planning to do some food review from now on since we've been through a lot of eating these days and I wanted to share it with you all.

The next day, my bible study group together with our founding priest, Fr. Gerson Ortiz (Venezuelan) and Bro. Daniel Drum (Aussie), went for a spiritual outing and we went to Tali Beach! We picked this place because we think that this would be a perfect place wherein we can enjoy the summer sun and at the same time to have a privacy on our own when we do the revisions of life/school of the word. And ofcourse we wanted to bring Hunter the Dog to the beach too so that the reasons why we chose the exclusivity of the place!

I've ran out of goodbyes, especially when it comes to these guys. The Aussie will continue his missionary life and studies in Spain while this Venezuelan priest will continue guiding people in Cebu. It hurts but slowly, i'm accepting the fact that change is a zicke. But nevertheless, we enjoyed being with them! :)

Next stop was in Masinloc, Zambales! It was actually an official trip but we tagged along to experience the eco-tourism that they have been offering for a while, and I love the fact that the mayor of this town was so accommodating and is really a nice person. We enjoyed our stay at the Bacala Rest House, which is by the way situated right in the center of the Masinloc Bay! It was, by far, one of the most craziest, challenging and prettiest house that i've been to.


The sunset is so mesmerizing, it looks like i'm seeing a live postcard right in front of me! Look at this! 

And the view! We are really situated at the center of the bay and I love it!

 And ofcourse, sea side provincial life means sea food! I see a sea food! Plus, Masinloc's famous mangoes are to die for!

These two mango monsters are crazy! Hihi!

At the end of May, we had a despedida party for Bro. Dan and Fr. Gerson, who will be away for a vacation in Venezuela (Fr. G) and Australia (Bro. Dan). We had a little bit surprise for them and it marks as the last salo-salo with all of them. I had to fight back my tears because I knew that when I start to cry, I cannot stop. So we surprised them by having a personalized tees for all of us and photo albums that have the memories so that they can look at it every now and then. Lastly, a heart-felt, up the the last minute letter for both of them. It was one of the most unforgettable nights for TGIF and i'm grateful that it happened smoothly. ;)

And that, my folks, is the recap of my summer this year 2014! Looking forward for better days to come!

and yes, soon I'll be back with blogging... I just need to have a little divine intervention for while, i have to think about what I really want in life and what I am capable of doing in life. I hope I can share it with you in details but until that day, i'll let you know. ;)

K ♥