Monday, January 13, 2014


How's your holidays? I hope you had fun because I didn't. (Yeah I know, stop being negative about it) Although I did try to bring myself up, at least I did my best to jump exactly 12am just because I still believe that I will grow an inch taller. He He. ;)
Anyway, my mood for the new year did not affect me from getting my own sparkling number as the first outfit post this year! Now, I have seen a lot of bloggers who've done the sparkle look this NYE and i'm sharing you my take on it.
Let me tell you a little back story on this outfit... It was supposed to be an autumn outfit because I originally come up with this top and a boots to match but since here in the Philippines, we don't really celebrate (much less that we don't have) autumn, I chose this sparkle-eh shoes from my favorite brand Barbie by Shubizz. If some of you may have noticed, I looooove to wear barbie shoes (here, here and here), I promised myself I would buy more from them!

Pink Top - Forever21 | Belt - SM Accessories | 
Leggings - Forever21 | Shoes - Barbie by Shubizz 

Anyway, I'm planning to do a post about on what plus size gals should wear on a prom and/or what to wear on Valentines date. I got the materials already and I'm excited to share it with you!

'till next post!


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