Sunday, February 16, 2014


I hope you had a pretty good Valentines this weekend!
Whether you have that special someone, at least you could have at least go out on a date with your family, or friends, after all... you love them right? :)
Also, I do hope you share the love... we all need love! ♥
My Valentines Day was amazing! Instead of the normal dinner, roses, chocolates, bla bla bla... we've decided to create something out of the norm. As some of you may know, every Friday, we are attending a bible study in Pansol c/o Verbum Dei . Our bible study group consists of youth, young adults like us who wanted to have deeper relationship with God. They are basically my third family and it is such an opportunity to share the Valentines Day with them (although, a lot of them are MIA last Friday haha)
So, My Valentino and I decided that we should bake something that we've wanted to do ever since we saw it on Food Network.

Cheese Popovers! (Or Poppers? I dunno which!)

Doing something together is more fun when you do it with someone that you love. It is a perfect bonding time for couples who would like to spice things up in their relationship. It would be better if you do this often, not only you can have yummy foodie in your tum-tum, but you also get to hang with your love-y dove-y. It is a perfect way to divert your attention from the gadgets that are blocking your QT. It is a perfect quality time for the both of you, therefore, I suggests you do the same.

So we brought this in our bible study session, and they loved it! :)
God knows how much fun it was last Friday night!

It is funny though. I haven't received anything from him but i am utterly happy because of what we did for our friends. There's only one thing that can sum up my feelings:

Sending love from mine to yours!
Happy Valentines Day! ♥
'Till next post!


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