Sunday, March 9, 2014


I wanted to dub this look as "the daughter who when to visit her dad to the office because he forgot his lunch and so the daughter delivers his lunch and everyone at the office can't stop looking at her"

Just kidding.

I just wanted to look demure and preppy... more lady like... prim and proper.. oldie...

I don't know. :)

I don't even know what to caption on this look actually. Guess I just like the combination of the bag and the midi skirt. Seems flattering to me! Not to mention i'm wearing (yet again) my favorite color of all time! :)

Pink Dress (Used as top) - PaperDolls | Laced Cardigan - Chicadora |
Bracelet - Mina's Gift | Headband - Candice's Gift |
Zebra print Midi Skirt - Landmark Trinoma |
LV hand bag - (for sale here)

I feel a little lazy today, so I might go to sleep again, or just play minecraft in a while.



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