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Hello people of earth! I decided to write my first food review because hey, why not?! I LOOOVE eating out especially if it is worth it... and free *smiles*. And I bet you've somehow checked out food reviews to know which one is the best out of the rest, right?
Here is my outtake giving you what I think is the best and yummiest food around town. I have to warn you that most of the time I patronize one or two dishes in every restaurant. Promise I will try hard to step out of my comfort food zone and will deliver you promising reviews in the near future.


I have to be honest (ofcourse right?), I haven't been to their other branches but I adore their cozy place in Maginhawa st, Teachers Village. It is relatively small but I like the ambiance and tbh, I think that the people there remember our faces! We always go there to have katsu fix, mostly afternoon because it is when they have fewer customers. They are a hit especially at night and lunch! My beau and I always wanted to come back here, even though we both know that the area have a lot of food to offer... It's Maginhawa st. after all. But in end, we found ourselves coming back to this cute little space of Japanese Fix!

1st place: TONKATSU ( P150 )

WE WORSHIP KATSU, ESPECIALLY IF IT IS TONKATSU! I am not expert at food but i'm pretty sure that this food gives justice to a hungry stomach! I think it'll cover brunch or lunch/dinner together! The only downfall is that the sauce is not enough (again, for my own opinion..), but I heard that you can request additional sauce for it though. I'm not sure if its free but I do hope that it is. Thinking of it again now makes me want to go there and eat! That's the effect that tonkatsu gives me! It's crazily delicious and it keeps me wanting more!

2nd place: CHICKEN KATSU ( P150 )

Yes, we love chicken too! It's a good thing that I am not allergic to it anymore (whew!). I was told that it was their best seller. It's a bit spicy for my taste but you're opted to tell them not to put too much chili on it. It is spicy yet it is sweet, which is crazy because I cannot explain that appetizing taste.
Downside:  The veggies got soaked so much from the sauce up to the point when chicken doesn't have enough savory taste because veggies got it all. + if you accidentally forgot to specify how much chili you want in your food, you're doomed! lol

Hot Tea, Smart C, and House Water!
If we feel like were turning Japanese, we'll order Hot Tea (P40), you can share it for 2-3 persons! Very reasonable since it compliments their food afterall! If we feel like we wanted juice, Smart C (P30) is the best company after eating glorious food, not kidding. Lastly, who doesn't want free water?! Heck, we can haggle one pitcher and they won't mind it at all!

Miso Soup - P30
Katsudon - Egg on top of Tonkatsu on top of - P155
Extra Rice - Who doesn't love extra rice!?! - P15

I'm pretty sure that the other dishes were as good as these two, but until such time, I shall let you know. For now, what you can do is to visit Crazy Katsu and see it for yourself!

Crazy Katzu Branches:

Maginhawa St. - #81 Maginhawa St. UP Teacher's Village, Diliman, QC
Tel. 435-0030
Open: Mon - Thurs 11am-10pm --- Fri - Sat 11am-11pm --- Sun 11am-10pm

Taft - Ground Floor, One Archers Place, Castro St. cor. Taft Avenue
Open: Mon-Sat 11am -9:30pm

BF Parañaque - 231 Aguirre St., BF Homes, Parañaque City
Open: Mon - Thurs 11am-10pm --- Fri - Sat 11am-11pm --- Sun 11am-10pm

Marikina - #48 Lilac St. Hacienda Heights, Concepcion II, Marikina City
Open: Mon - Thurs 11am-10pm --- Fri - Sat 11am-11pm --- Sun 11am-10pm

*drum roll*
8 out of 10 heart!

Tell us your experience with the other branches! We really appreciate such things!
That's it! 'till my next review! Until then, I shall sip some coffee now. ☺


K ♥

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