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PONDS BEAUTY: An Exclusive from BDJBOX

[UPDATE: This was a back log post that I supposed to publish 2 weeks ago. But I had a little difficulty juggling my time with part time work and studying that I had forgotten to post this, hence, you may see the "March" side of me. Aside from that, supposedly, Christian is scheduled to make his first blog last month but we halted it due to various reasons. One is that he's in Law School and he had his "finals week" so he's almost untouchable throughout the whole month. Hence, he'll make his first blog next week, after he's done dealing with his case digest and whatever Law School needs him to do. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience... Enjoy this post and HELLO SUMMER!]

March, for me, is a month full of surprises. It seems like this Month is my lucky month. But, just like a roller coaster, there were moments when I effin feel sad.. or disappointed... sometime happy but disappointed. This is the feeling I got when I was told that my March BDJBox came a week ago. I'm sad because this is my last subscription to BDJ, I did not renew my subscription for I realize that I am FUNemployed. I cannot risk spending all of my "small and not daily" allowance for the subscription. But I do hope that this won't be the last time for this year, to have another subscription with BDJ. So much for being an online student who doesn't even go out that much nowadays. *Boo-hoo*
 I'm happy that it came on time and it contains full size products, but i'm slightly disappointed because we all knew that Ponds is very accessible. You can buy it everywhere (i.e. Dept Store, Watson, Mercury, Grocery etc etc.) Basically, you see it everyday. I was hoping for a summer exclusive because after all, it's almost summer. But anyway, there is nothing I could do, my opinion would not matter anyway. #dramaniate haha

Full-size products of Ponds

Ponds Pearl Cleansing Gel (50g free - 100g Php 155)

Let's start with the cleansing gel. During my teenage years, when pimples pops in my face like cray cray, I use Ponds and honestly, it did not help that much... more like 10% or something. But that was the old product. I was told that this newest product of Ponds is the real deal. I will definitely try it and I will give the other tube to my mom (who is btw, an obsessed fan of Ponds products)... or we can share. I don't know... let's see.

Ponds Flawless White BB+ Cream (25g - Php 299 ea)

I don't know if you know, but haven't had any experience of using BB creams. If life happens, this product could be the first one. I am just relieved that this comes with two tones so I can have a trial and error on both. *yes I know! I don't know my complexion! bury me nao! haha!*

Ponds Flawless White Re-Brightening Night Cream (50g - Php 340)

Now this is something that I can look forward to. I haven't been using night cream and I am itching to use one. As of writing, I haven't use it but I will... starting next week!

Ponds Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel (50g - Php 399)

I love this product! I have been using this since I got one two small samples from September's BDJ BOX. I also use it as a night cream in times of need. No words needed, I love this product... so much!

Ponds Flawless White Ultra Luminous Serum (30ml - Php 480)

Lastly, this! Okay, I am no familiar with this kind of product. I thought you use serum on hair, now you have one for face?! Uhh.. okay... cool. Help me out here girls! This look promising but I effin' don't know how to use it... properly!

At the end, I cannot fully say that I did not enjoy/feel grateful because I had these awesome products without me going out to a beauty store and what not. I am happy, and grateful for having subscribe to BDJ. This is not a goodbye, its more of a "see you later" "i'll be back bitches!" kind of a comeback.
Again, for me, I halfly (Half yet happily) enjoyed this box... but i'm pretty sure my mom would freak out of happiness when she see this. #PondsGirlForeverDawSiyaEh

Box Rating:
7 hearts out of 10

"BDJ Box is a monthly beauty subscription box created to help every Filipina discover the best beauty products that suit her needs and personality. For only P580 a month, you get a mix of full and travel-sized products worth triple the value. Pamper yourself with this monthly surprise!"

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