Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Hello everyone!
As you might know, Christian is now on board with this blogging thing.
Since he's part of the blog now, we might need to decide some few "drastic" change for him to be accommodated to the blog.

First of the list, is the side bar, which will be the indicator of the bloggers of the blog (duh?), I've already added blue buttons for his social networking sites, and i'm still working on his photo.
Second, is the header. We are looking for someone who can do our artwork per se. It's a commission thing and if we ever decided on the header, we will change it right away.
Third, in line with the header, comes with the change of the title blog itself. Ofcourse, I cannot change the URL of the blog but I can change the title of the blog. Who knows, we might come up with a solution wherein we would transfer everything to a new blog, or a new domain. We're still learning more about it.

I'm not 100% sure about the domain thing, but we'll keep you on the loop. We'll start the blogging soon as possible! We are taking it slowly but surely. ;)

'till the next post!

K ♥

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