Thursday, February 5, 2015


Ohayo! Happy 2015 to you! How was the holidays? :)
I know I've been on hiatus since the November Box and yes I promised you that I'll post an outfit post but time would't allow me and I always forgot my camera at home. Boohoo.
Anyhow, I'm here now and that's what matters most.
This post will be a two part, first is me unboxing my January-February BDJ Box and the second will be me announcing a major change in this blog.

That's the fist thing I saw when the delivery man gave me the box (at almost 8pm I might add)
I was excited because I knew it will be one heck of cute things! It's kawaii for goodness sake!
I feel like this is a sublime sign for me saying I should visit Japan soon! Will I? Let's see! :)


They must've know that I wanted to go to Japan! Lord, you sneaky! :)

Products inside the box:

Sunkiller Perfect Strong A Sunblock (P495)
I already have the Beach Hut sunblock spray from the September box and now this one. But I feel like i'm gonna try both of them because I haven't used these two brands before and I'm a sucker for sunblock! :)

Bifesta Cleansing Lotion Bright Up (P419)
The first time I saw this, I said to myself, "Holy Macaroons, it's all and Japanese!", then I read the curator card and everything is okay! I haven't have any water based make-up remover. Usually I use wet tissues, wet wipes and sometimes I do it the hard way by washing my whole face with water ans soap so I am pretty sure I will use this product more often!

[Left] Lucido-L Styling Milk Straight (P295) | [Right] Lucido-L Treatment Oil Straight (P295)
More hair treatments for me! It's quite funny that almost every box that I own must have at least one or two hair treatment product/s inside! My mom was annoyed on how our bathroom cupboard is full of hair "eklavoo" and is somehow pissed because of that. Sorry mom! I'll use it I promise!
PS: There's no expiration date on that products right?! #Dilemma

Pixy Eye Shadow (P315) | Pixy Blush On (P345)
Last time, I gave the Revlon Eye Shadow to my dear friend but now I am keeping this! I'm lucky enough to receive the colors that I usually use! As per the blush on, i'm naturally blushing all the time so I don't think I need such help from it but there would be times when I will definitely use it! Definitely!

Pixy Coverlast (P325) | Pixy Two Way Cake Fit (P275)
I feel like this is a heavy duty make-up tools that I would be needing when I have events to go to like Friday nights, birthday parties etc etc. It says on the cover that it has a long lasting base and it also controls oil and shine to keep me looking fresh throughout the day. Let's see how that goes. :)

I feel like receiving full size product is quite enough. I'm not really using much because i'm always at home but it's cool to have something new for myself every now and then right?

Box Rating:
8 hearts out of 10

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Okay, so... I have been meaning to tell you a change with regards to the blogging system here in this blog.
For starter... No, I will not create a new blog and leave Charmed Haute, instead...
I will be expanding my blog!
The old "Charmed Haute" full on fashion, majorly focusing on beauty and girly things will turn into a "somehow" lifestyle blog.
Meaning I will incorporate other things to blog about. Things that I have been loving recently like places that I did went to, food that I craved the most. Basically, I want to share to you everything I wanted you to try!
So expect blogs about things like foods, travel, photography, events, and/or probably life advice.
Not only that! ☺
Since I feel like it's too much to handle for me since I am a busy gal, I invited my boyfriend, Christian to blog with me!

We will be both handling this blog and I'm excited!
Some of you might be saying, "Charmed Haute... but there's a guy in this blog? WTF?"
Well, hate to burst your bubble but he's "charming" too! As I would like to say it, he's "FAH-BUU-LOOSH"! He will be posting fashion blog too you know! I think he'll be more exquisitely fashionable than me! Afterall, he's got a good bod *winks*.

So basically, expect more content now that Christian will be joining this blog-sphere! We were thinking of starting this project on our 6th year anniversary (Hint: It's March...).
I'm excited for this change and i'm glad to share my passion for fashion and writing with my man! ♥

What are your thoughts? Any ideas for a blog entry? Write it below! :)

There you go! Until the next post!

K ♥